SVS Is Ready to Rumble at AXPONA

"The road to the graveyard is littered with corpses of subwoofer companies that wanted to sell a range of regular speakers," Gary Yacoubian observes with a laugh. We're standing outside the SVS room at AXPONA while on yonder side of the door, a 7.2 SVS Dolby Atmos setup is testing the Renaissance hotel's structural soundness with an explosive fight scene from a Spiderman movie. Fittingly, Yacoubian is ready to, you know, rumble. His company has built a solid reputation by making and direct-selling excellent-value, powerful subwoofers and providing some of the friendliest pre- and post-sale service in the industry.

In recent years, however, SVS expanded its lineup, which now includes two home audio speaker lines (mains, center, surrounds) and a pair of active bookshelf speakers, the Prime Wireless Pros ($800/pair). The successors to the Prime Wireless model (now $400/pair) should launch in June or July. They've gained a little size and weight, plus Chromecast and Airplay 2 abilities. If fed by a phone or tablet, the small monochrome display on the front of one of the speakers now shows the title of the current track and the artist's name. The Wireless Pros are multiroom capable. Although they put out a very respectable amount of bass, SVS wants you to consider pairing them with its 3000 Micro subwoofer ($800), a two-driver, 11" cube whose modest size belies the near-subterranean bass notes it is capable of reproducing.

The 2.1 system put in a cracking performance. Via a choice Billie Eilish track, the SVS team gently tricked visitors by not announcing until halfway through that no sub was connected to the Wireless Pros. Once the Micro was switched into the setup, the enjoyable sonics gained not just a sweet bottom end but also soundstage width and overall clarity.

Earlier, a duo of three-way, five-driver SVS Prime Pinnacles in gloss black ($2000/pair, pictured above) had been pumping out music and movie dialog with splendid dynamics and not a hint of strain, despite the aggressive SPLs. Judging by the Pinnacles' performance, Team Yacoubian may get its wish.