Start Booming: American Express & Music Direct

You might remember the American Express Plum Card advertisement that featured hi-fi and vinyl retailer Music Direct. The ad, which ran on mainstream television for several months, did a good job of introducing hi-fi and vinyl to a wider audience.

The new ad puts greater emphasis on Jim Davis’s passion for music, vinyl, gear, and sound, and describes the growth of his company, Music Direct. Notice that the pretty Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 loudspeakers, reviewed by me in our April issue and by Bob Reina in a future issue, are given good airtime.

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I hope this is widely distributed so we can share our great hobby. But I think the future of audio is hires downloads. I hope they get into that as well as I really appreciate buying stuff from them.


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This is an interesting article, thank you for posting this. Yes, I do also hope that this features will be distributed widely so that we can share what we are doing and hobbies. Well I always buy stuff to them because their really have a good quality of things. On the hand, I just want to share about the news regarding to credit cards, the American Express. There has been a steady decrease in late credit card payments since April.In August delinquency rates dipped to the lowest point they have been at in 17 years. Analysts say that the recession has bred greater responsibility in the spending habits of most customers. Source of article: Late credit card payments at their lowest since 1994