SRV and Sony

This year, the surprising lack of SRV (and overabundance of easy listening) made me glad to hear his perennial cover of “Little Wing” through Sony’s new and more “affordable” SS-NA2ES floorstanding loudspeakers ($10,000/pair) through Pass Labs amplification. Last year’s system impressed me thoroughly, striking a balance between romance and detail. This year’s system favored speed and attack accenting flourishes I had never heard before in SRV’s Hendrix cover but sounding a bit cool on “Breaking Silence” by Janice Ian.

The Sony crowd listens attentively in the well-lit room.

From left to right: The Sony SS-AR1 (reviewed here by Kal Rubinson), the Sony SS-AR2 reviewed here by John Atkinson), the SS-AR2 framework, and little brother to the NA2ES, the SS-NA5ES ($6000/pair)

Sony’s SS-NA2ES loudspeakers costs $10,000/pair. JA will be reviewing these for Stereophile in the near future.

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I have long been a fan of Sony products, I own some of their early cd players and absolutely love these speakers.  I do hope they come back in a big way with even more gear.  Our hobby ain't the same without SONY.