Spatial M3 Sapphire Loudspeakers, Linear Tube Audio Z10 Integrated Amplifier, Lampizator Amber 3 DAC, Anticables

My three-day reconnaissance suggests that Mark Schneider and his company, Linear Tube Audio, scored big at CAF, downstairs in the Headphone Lounge and with a room I and many showgoers thought was a candidate for Best Sound at Show.

Several times during the weekend, in other rooms, a person sitting next to me asked, “So Herb, what’s the best thing you’ve heard so far?” I always replied, “You tell me first: What was your favorite?” Every time, they said, “The room with the Spatial M3 Sapphire loudspeakers.” I always said, "that room was my favorite too. Then we= high-fived each other.)

The Spatial speakers they were referring to costs only $4200/pair, and in the LTA room were paired with LTA’s $4900 Z10 Integrated amp and the $2750 Lampizator Amber 3 DAC (which I am hoping to review), connected with Anticables.

The M3 Sapphire is a broad, handsome, open-baffle design. Open baffles are characteristically very ‘open’ sounding. They generate broad, deep, naturally detailed soundstages. The best ones sound lower in distortion than stuffed boxes.

The Spatial M3s did a fine job representing their breed. Powered by the 10Wpc Z10 and the highly-musical Lampizator DAC, they sang. Imagine fresh air: open, bouncy, pacey, rhythmic, free. At the show, they were selling the complete system for $9999⁸crazy-cheap for Best-in-Show-level sound.

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That speaker price is tempting!

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If the cables were included in that price then yes crazy -inexpensive.