Soulution from Switzerland

If my title lacks poetry, my notes are worse: they inexplicably lack any record of the sound in this room! With apologies to all, what I can tell you is that the Soulution 755 phono preamplifier ($72,000) is now available. Complete with an analog, passive volume/balance control that uses low-noise, metal-foil resistors, the 755 can be connected to an amplifier without need of a separate line stage. If a line stage is employed, however, the 755's volume control may be switched out of the signal path.

The unit's three phono inputs allow virtually infinite loading from 10 ohms to 1000 ohms. It also has two separate, dedicated power supplies for its audio stages and digital circuits. To quote the website: "For powering the audio stages an innovative, amplifier-like circuit design is used, providing an extremely stable supply voltage. With more than 500,000µF of storage capacitance, it provides almost unlimited impulse current for the analog circuits. Bus bars supply this power throughout the 755 phono preamplifier without any losses. A unique concept in the audio world!"