Sonus Faber Introduces the Aida

Sonus Faber is celebrating the launch of their Aida loudspeaker ($120,000/pair) with a series of dealer events beginning this weekend.

Saturday, December 10, 6–9pm: See and hear the Aida at LMC Home Entertainment (15507 North Scottsdale Road) in Scottsdale, Arizona. RSVP:

Wednesday, December 14, 6pm: See and hear the Aida at Stereo Exchange (627 Broadway) in New York City. RSVP: (212) 505-1111.

Friday, December 16, 6–9pm: See and hear the Aida at The Sound Experience (233 South Federal Highway) in Boca Raton, Florida. RSVP: (561) 391-7868.

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There are a few hi-fi pieces that I have always coveted and never got around to getting for one reason or another (usually price) Roksan Xerxes and Sonus Faber.  I have never heard a speaker that sounds as smooth and refined as the Fabers and I have no doubt these will push those traits even further. 

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My SF Auditor M's continue to blow my mind, even more now with new dedicated computer ( Intel i7 & 8G RAM ) using JPLAY V4a / Foobar 2000  via Calyx DAC

The best sound I ever had just keeps getting better and the really quite small Auditors keep giving me a bigger an bigger sound

And the way they look......................................................................

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I heard and saw this new speaker earlier today at their launch in New York City.  In my opinion the elegance and refinement of what I have come to know as Sonus Faber has been replaced with razzle dazzle and the look of an Alien.  I came expecting a stradivarius and found a Fender Stratocaster guitar instead.  I actually found the sound annoying.  Yes, it was big and full of bass.  It was not bright.  Don't think it could be being driven by Audio Research gear.  But it was abrasive, as if the notes of what was being played were bumping into each other.  Perhaps the dearler needs a little more time to tweek the setup, but for right now this one is way down on my list of things to spend $120k on.

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Dear Techgal:

What a foolish, foolish comment. You heard the same demo I heard. You wrote a review of the music, not of the speakers. You found the sound "annoying?" No shit! It was all played way, WAY too loud. And what was it? The Lawrence Juber Beatles cover recorded with the mike inside or attached to the guitar? And in a tapping style? And played so loudly your teeth rattled? And you blame the speaker?

An amateur drum kit recording played at ridiculous SPLs? And you blame the speaker? A Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer piece played so that the cello was ten feet tall and blaring like a foghorn and you blame the speaker?


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Dear Michael,

The dealer and the manufacturers have a responsibility to provide the kind of demo that will make their gear shine and excite the listener (not the room!).   I cannot assume that because this is a Sonus Faber and cost $120,000 this is a great speaker.  I can only react to what I heard.  What I don't understand is:  why are you getting all bent out of shape?  Calm down Mr. Fremer.

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Mikey, I'm afraid I have to agree with Techgal to some extent.

1.  The look and feel of the speaker is bling, beautiful indeed, but not at all what we have come to expect from Sonus Faber.

2.  The sound at the demo was terrible.  Despite that, quite a few people were oohing and aahing.  What were THEY listening to?  

3.  Sir, I think you are the one writing a review of the music.  I don't see one reference to the pieces played in Techgal's comments (but we got a recap of everything in your response).  How otherwise could we judge this speaker except by the music (in this case, noise) coming out of them.?  Maybe if Techgal had written a multi-page rant or were a professional reviewer your barking reaction might be appropriate.  But to just lash out (for no apparent reason) at a reader, and a female at that, is 



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Your point is obscured by your tirade and deroggatory statements. 


Michael's point is a valid one; he thinks the material used to demo the speakers was poorly chosen and the conducters of said demo did not have a handle on the proper use of a volume knob. That being said, you are entirely right that the it is the demoer's responsiblity to choose appropriate material and the appropriate volume for an effective demo so as to incite in the listener a favorable response. This obviously was not achived as both you and Michael can agree that the demo was not well done.

What I can glean from these comments is that the speakers could be great speakers but the demo was infecctual in either affriming or denying the statment "The Aidas are great speakers," i.e. Sonus Faber needs to refine the art of demoing.