Roksan Kandy K2 BT integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: VPI Traveler turntable & tonearm, Thorens TD-124 turntable & SME 3009 II tonearm; Miyajima Spirit (mono), Ortofon 2M Black & 2M Red, Shure M44-78 cartridges.
Digital Sources: Puresound A-8000 CD player, Oppo DV-980H SACD/CD player, Line Magnetic LM 502CA DAC.
Preamplification: April Sound BB1, Blue Horizon BN:09-11-009, Sentec EQ11 phono stages; Audio Note S1, Intact Audio step-up transformers.
Integrated Amplifiers: Creek 4330, Line Magnetic LM518 IA, Rogue Audio Sphinx, Naim NAIT 5si.
Loudspeakers: DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93, KEF LS50, Rogers LS3/5A (15 ohms), Totem Model One Signature, Sjöfn The Clue.
Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, Noontec Rio.
Cables: Interconnect: Auditorium 23, Kimber Kable Silver Streak. Speaker: Auditorium 23, Kimber Kable 8TS.
Accessories: Sound Anchor speaker stands.—Herb Reichert

Roksan Audio Limited
US distributor: Rutherford Audio
12649 E. Caley Avenue, #116
Centennial, CO 80111
(303) 845-0773

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Congratulations. You've found someone even worse than Corey Greenberg. This review is a trainwreck.

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Congratulations. You've found someone even worse than Corey Greenberg.

As Corey Greenberg was one of the most talented writers we have published, I will take your comment as a compliment to Herb Reichert. :-)

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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I don't read all the equipment reviews in Stereophile. When I do, it's for one of three reasons:

1) I'm in the market for that particular category of gear
2) I like the reviewer's taste in music and am on the lookout for new suggestions from the music referenced in the evaluation
3) I really enjoy the engaging writing, regardless of topic(s)

Herb, in his short Stereophile tenure, is firmly in the 3rd category for me and I look forward to hearing more from him. Our beloved hobby is so much more than just a hobby… it is an integral part of life and writers capturing that reality are rare. Herb clearly gets it.

Good hire.

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I enjoyed this review and Reichert's writing style, look forward to more.

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I'm also in the yay camp. I also enjoyed this review and appreciate Reichert's writing style. I'm a proud owner of a Roksan Kandy KA-1 integrated and look forward to seeing more Roksan reviews in the future. Thank you!

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Mentions of Corey Greenberg are now the audiophile version of Godwin's Law.

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I'm glad to see Herb Reichert as one of your new reviewers. I've followed his audio viewpoint since first reading his articles in Sound Practices many years ago.

He seems to like the Rogue Sphinx amp, and if I read between the lines, he seems to have traded his famous 47 Labs chip amp for a classic Thorens TT.

Does that mean that he prefers the Rogue Sphinx to the chip amp, which he once thought so highly of?

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Would Herb Reichert consider comparing the original Roksan K2 to the new K2 BT? I'm very interested in knowing the sonic differences from his point of view as no one to date has compared these two amps before.

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A worthwhile reply to a published letter about S'phile's measurements on the Kandy KT BT in the Feb. 2015 issue. The reply gives a nice rundown of different emphases found in their measurements of the same component versus S'phile's, with a conclusion that discussions of measurements should not overwhelm the publication.

Hi-Fi World found much the same results, with one exception concerning a roll-off at 15k, if I have that right. They apparently would have considered that (S'phile measurement?) result indicative of a sample defect.

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I want to share some good news for those interested in purchasing a Roksan K2, K2 BT or K2 amplifier as Roksan recently reduced their prices on all of these models. "Now, with the birth of the K3 series, Roksan are re-aligning the K2 range to appeal to a wider pool of hi-fi enthusiasts than ever before."

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I just bought the Roksan Kandy K2 BT and so far I'm really satisfied, but I got (hopefully not) an issue when streaming over bluetooh, and I'm wondering if anybody has the same issue.

1. Connect a device via BT (mobile phone or laptop)
2. Start playing a song
3. Pause the song
4. Turn the volume knob to 60-80%
5. Do you hear a high pitchec hissing sound from the speakers?

Much appreciated for the help