Fast-talking, smooth-walking, Brit-expat Robin Wyatt is one of the best setup men in the game. Showcasing unique gear that he operates to perfection, his rooms typically capture best-in-show performance.

Records were played on the newly revived Michell Engineering Gyrodec SE turntable ($4000) with Sorane SA1.2 tonearm ($1925) and new Michell Engineering Levi Feet ($750). Robin had mounted on that meaty machine a Miyajima Labs Carbon Stereo Cartridge ($3000). A Miyajima Labs KSW SUT ($2250) did what SUTs do. Digital was also part of this package, in the form of a Sonore opticalRendu Network Streamer ($1895) and, courtesy Andrew Gillis, a Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5 Music Server ($1095)

A spanking new, 200Wpc at 8 ohms Java HiFi LDR GaN FET Integrated Amp ($8995) drove the Quad/ElectroStatic Solutions 2812X Electrostatic Loudspeakers ($9995/pair). Robin's cables of choice were from Finley Audio, including their Cirrus phono cable ($1485/pair), Cirrus interconnect ($1485/pair), Cirrus USB cable ($985), Cirrus power cables ($1185), and Cirrus speaker cables ($3185/pair).

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and beguiling. Delish TT setup.

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Saw that these were supposed to be 'new' quads, or somehow different. Does anyone know what updates or changes are made on this 'new' model?