The Reservoir Story Remastered By Allan Tucker

Sidebar: Remastered By Allan Tucker

The following Rudy Van Gelder recordings have been remastered by Allan Tucker and reissued with their original catalog numbers.


Ralph Moore (tenor sax), Round Trip (RSR CD 104), with Brian Lynch (trumpet), Kevin Eubanks (guitar), Benny Green (piano), Rufus Reid (bass), and Kenny Washington (drums).


Rob Schneiderman (piano), New Outlook (RSR CD 106), with Slide Hampton (trombone), Rufus Reid (bass), and Akira Tana (drums).


Nick Brignola (saxophones), Raincheck (RSR CD 108), with Kenny Barron (piano), George Mraz (bass), and Billy Hart (drums).


Nick Brignola (baritone sax), On a Different Level (RSR CD 112), with Kenny Barron (piano), Dave Holland (bass), and Jack DeJohnette (drums).


Jay McShann (piano) and John Hicks (piano and vocals), Hootie & Hicks—The Missouri Connection (RSR CD 124).


Nick Brignola (baritone sax), Poinciana (RSR CD 151), with Phil Markowitz (keys), Steve LaSpina (bass), Billy Hart (drums), and Café (percussion).


Steve Kuhn (piano), Countdown (RSR CD 157), with David Finck (bass) and Billy Drummond (drums).

jimtavegia's picture

I now own 7 of Pete Malinverni's piano albums and one of tour de force from Nick Brignola. I love the piano sound that Jim Anderson gets. Pete is one great pianist.

Reservoir is fast at shipping by the way. Thanks DR. Feldman.

Joe Whip's picture

Recording is fantastic. Another in a string of Jim Anderson gems. Martin reminds me a lot of Benny Green.

ikymagoo's picture

thanks for this great article, i'm fairly new to Jazz, at least outside of Miles and Coltrane, so this has come as a treasure trove of albums i need to listen to, then probably purchase, excellent stuff!

BluesDog's picture

The meticulous love and detail exerted within this article is astonishing and informative. Well Done! I'll have to try and chip away at these new (for me) frontiers.

Old Audiophile's picture

As I was reading this wonderful piece, I couldn't help but be distracted by a very familiar looking turntable behind Allan Tucker in the photographs of him in his home studio. If I'm not mistaken, that is a Phillips 212 Electronic, circa 1971, one of the best turntables ever made in its day, IMHO. I bought one in 1971 and thoroughly enjoyed it until I retired it in 2017. Just thought I'd throw that tidbit into the mix.