Red amp, rampant

Seen on static display in the Canadian Pavilion at SSI: the 2A3-S single-ended amplifier from Triode Lab ($3288: an exceptionally good buy, assuming this nicely built amp sounds as good as it looks).

bbsupersport's picture

These amplifiers sound every bit as good as they look and then some! Great company and built right in Toronto and they are awesome to deal with. I've listened to a few of their different amps, including a pair of mono blocks and they have something for everyone's musical taste. I just ordered one of their Preamps and an EL84 amplifier and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Check them out, you won't regret it, but be prepared, once you hear them, you'll want one!

*Update: After hearing the above pictured 2A3-S amplifier, I changed my order from the EL84 amp to a version of the very amp pictured here. I went with the Standard Au Pre Grande for the preamp. These pieces sound absolutely amazing.