Pure Fidelity Harmony Record Player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: Kuzma Stabi R turntable/4Point tonearm/EMT TSD15 N MC cartridge, Luxman LMC-5 cartridge.
Preamplification: Sugden LA-4 line preamplifier; Tavish Audio Design Adagio phono preamplifier.
Power amplifier: Pass Labs XA-25.
Loudspeakers: DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96.
Cables: Interconnects: Triode Wire Labs Spirit II (RCA), Analysis Plus Silver Apex (RCA). Speaker: Analysis Plus Silver Apex Speaker (bananas). AC: Triode Wire Labs Obsession NCF.
Accessories: Pro-Ject VC-S2 ALU Record Cleaning Machine; Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro; Hunt Mark 6 Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Brush; IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius line conditioner; Salamander five-tier rack (2); IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards (under turntable, preamp, power amps); mahogany blocks (2" × 2" × 0.5") under cutting boards. Hi-fi set up on short wall firing into 1O' × 12' room, wood slat on plaster walls.—Ken Micallef

Pure Fidelity
102–6200 Darnley St.
Burnaby, British Columbia V5B 3B1
(604) 528-1384

partain's picture

I bought an new AR Turntable in 1970 for $100 . No cartridge . It was excellent . That's about $750 now .
I have no desire to go back to vinyl , but the fact that everyone has lost their friggin' minds about what is "affordable" is fairly obvious .

funambulistic's picture

Perhaps if you had sprung for the cartridge, you may have enjoyed your vinyl experience a bit more (I've heard turntables sound a smidge better with 'em) and your enjoyment would have been such that you would not have stopped in the first place.

As for the "affordability" aspect, I agree that $10K is not (affordable, that is - at least for me) but nowhere did I see the author state as such. There was a blurb about "a world-class table at real-world pricing" but that was the manufacturer.

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The original AR-XA was an absolute bare bones turntable, with an arm of very limited performance. Today, for the equivalent outlay, you can get a vastly better turntable such as a Rega Planar 2 or Music Hall MMF-5.3.

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I don't see any specs for wow and flutter. Nor was speed measured. Mikey used to measure speed for every review, so it's not like you can't do it.

Also, it's rubber band drive. I can spend $9k less and get a direct drive table that keeps speed rock solid.

JHL's picture

Which anticipated you.


In this bottom-line world, where what matters most to many is cash, graphs, and statistics, joy, humanity, and the color and beauty of sound get short shrift.

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“The RPM iPhone app measured the Harmony's speed as 33.45 rpm.”

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is that a fancy word for HDF ???

nice looking TT all the same

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Terje Rypdal's "To Be Continued" has Miroslav Vitus on bass, not Dave Holland. Miroslav has contributed several songs on this nice record, perhaps the best being "Morning Lake"; some of us know this ageless track from Weather Report's debut album from 1971, IIRC.

scottsol's picture

How did you manage to mount the cartridge with your eyes closed?