PrimaLuna's forthcoming Dialogue Premium HP

"It's the best amp we've ever done," said an enthusiastic Kevin Deal about the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP integrated amplifier ($3999) and power amplifier ($3899). "The bass and control will work with ribbons and electrostats." Indeed, I found the sound really nice, with very natural timbres that rival or surpass those of the high-priced spread.

The DiaLogue Premium HP (which is really HPx2 because "HP" stands for both high power and headphone amp available at the flick of a switch), supplies 72Wpc in ultralinear mode and 42Wpc in triode. If used as a monoblock, which can be accomplished via another switch, it outputs 148Wpc ultralinear or 85Wpc triode. Quite striking, the amp includes "real true adaptive bias" that monitors and adjusts tubes in real time, and allows you to fine-tune the baby by mixing up to four different kinds of tubes in harmony. "It's a tube roller's paradise," says Deal of an amp that is approved for use with KT66, KT77, KT88, and KT120 output tubes.