Phantom Acoustics Shadow active low-frequency acoustic control System

Sidebar 1: System

The playback system used to evaluate the Shadows consisted of Vortex Screen and TDL Reference Standard loudspeakers (the TDLs are reviewed in this issue), VTL 225W tube and Muse Model One Hundred Fifty monoblocks, Marantz CD-94 CD player, and AR turntable with an Ortofon MC-200 cartridge. The preamps were a Conrad-Johnson Premier Seven (phono) and a passive unit made by Electronic Visionary Systems (CD). Speaker cable was AudioQuest Clear, and interconnects were van den Hul and Solid Core Technologies ST-04. All AC power was supplied from a Tice Audio Titan/Powerblock power-line conditioner. The TDLs were alternately driven by the VTLs alone, the Muse monoblocks alone, and biamped with the Muse driving the bottom end and the VTLs on top.—Robert Harley

Phantom Acoustics
Distributed by InConcert, Auburn, CA (1989)