Passion of the Hi-Fi: Part III - Balance and Control

The promise of happiness is elusive. Is it found in the 10-hour workday? Maybe it’s spotted sunbathing on the Portuguese shoreline. Or is it found in a wider soundstage? Sartre teaches, "In life, a man commits himself and draws his own portrait, outside of which there is nothing." So if your actions define who you are, and if you love what you do, then will you find content?

Thus, I tried being a professional musician. For, I love music and playing it. I tried really hard, hair and everything. After spending each waking hour post Stereophile rehearsing in New Jersey or gigging in the city, drooping eyes and a constant unreturned investments to the band made me unhappy with the music. The band came to a jagged end, and I found solace focusing on my work at Stereophile dedicating newly available hours to greater output and more listening. As a result of more time with the hi-fi, I discovered issues with my own system, sonically speaking. Soundstage imbalance and room boom dragged me down. When JA suggested that a new listening room within my home could solve these problems, my hopes reawakened.

It was Friday night. As a result of a recent epiphany, I decided accomplishment was the new key to chasing down my happiness.

No music played as I brooded. Why? Because I disdained system’s current sound. Swirling lines of smoke drifted aimlessly into the air as I stared at my blank TV set. The Nintendo 64 sat cartridge-less. No roommates home to play Mario Kart. Nothingness surrounded me. A heart-pounding motivation accompanied by mind-racing euphoria shocked me into action. The clock struck 11pm. Time was closing in.

I could not wait for the lease renewal to move my hi-fi into the living room. It had to happen now. How the roommates treated the system would be a variable to test. What music would be my hi-fi moving soundtrack? I needed some funk. Wait. How could I even listen to music without my system hooked up? My laptop was not loud enough to imbue me with rhythm as I moved gear from one room to the next. Headphones would get tangled in a mess of arms and speaker stands. Then it hit me.

I’m taking control of my life / I’m taking control of my life / Now, Right Now

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