Pass Labs Aleph 3 power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 4: Specifications

Description: Stereo power amplifier with single-ended, class-A output stage. Power output: 30W into 8 ohms (14.8dBW), 60W into 4 or 2 ohms (14.8dBW, 11.8dBW, respectively). Frequency response: 2Hz-100kHz, -0.5dB. Input impedance: 23k ohms. Voltage Gain: 20dB. Output impedance: 0.08 ohms. 1kHz distortion: 0.2% at 30W (8 ohms), 1% at 60W (4 or 2 ohms). DC offset: ±100mV. Power consumption: 250W at all times.
Dimensions: 12" W by 6" H by 12" D. Shipping weight: 38 lbs.
Serial number of unit tested: 5736.
Price: $2300. Approximate number of dealers: 40. Warranty: 3 years.
Manufacturer: Pass Laboratories, 21555 Limestone Way, Forest Hill, CA 95631. Tel: (530) 367-3690. Fax: (530) 367-2193. Web:

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my kitchen radio has less distortion than this.