Parasound Halo CD 1 CD Player

Parasound still thinks we can get more out of our CDs and worked with Holm Acoustics of Denmark to implement a CD ROM drive based player that is shipping now for $4,500.

Inside the CD 1 is a Linux-based computer that analyzes the data coming off of the 4x speed drive. Parasound says that the computer keeps checking the data until it is satisfied it has a bit prefect stream. Balanced and unbalanced outputs are included as well as SPDIF for those looking to employ their own DAC.

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Get serious.

My OPPO BDP-95 sounds better than my $6000 Ayre C5xe/MP player, and only cost $1000.

Can you tell me with a straight face that this thing sounds better than the OPPO?

I very much doubt it.

Anyone who would spend any more than the OPPO costs has a screw loose in my opinion.

ANY player that costs more than the OPPO is simply a waste of money, and reviewing them is dishonest unless you do a direct comparison to the OPPO 95 or 105, and can point out features or performance that justifies the extra cost. I consider that to be a remote possibility.

Head-in-the-sand reviews that ignore the fact that the OPPO players are the new state of the art are just plain stupid.

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Don't get yourself in a tizzy over nothing, my friend. This is not a review; it is simply a report that this player exists, and saw the light of neon at CES. 

The Parasound player is so new that I doubt few reviewers have had enough time to listen, let alone compare it to other players on the market. I do expect, however, that the one person who has taken many a long listen to it, and compared it to Oppo products, is Richard Schram of Parasound. After all, both companies are in the Bay Area, and Schram hardly lives in a bubble. He's well aware of the price difference between the products, and the competition that Oppo presents. That doesn't mean that his player does a better job on CD, of course. But it does suggest that you would be wise to take a deep breath before condemning what you have not heard, and making an absolute declaration of its quality. 

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commsysman.. help me out.. your kidding right.. it's hard to tell for sure.

cheers, dmacg