Ofra Gershman's Levitation Devices

Gershman is getting into the component support/vibration control business. The LEC Levitation device ($240 for a set of four), shown here by Ofra Gershman, uses the repulsion of two magnetic poles to provide isolation of the component from the surface it's placed on. Improvements in clarity, soundstage, imaging, and bass response are promised.

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So was the promise delivered or not? thanks.

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 in a showroom don't you think?

can't control for variables like you can in your own room. can't take the time to do careful back and forth listening. on top of that you're probably not too familiar with the gear being demonstrated to recognize differences in sound quickly enough in the short time you are in the room.

giving a definitive opinion on this would be an injustice to the reader, the writer, and the company. 

maybe you could contact the company and try out some for your self? or maybe contact your dealer to see if they can bring some in. like any hobby, hi-fi requires involvement beyond the armchair.

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