Now on Newsstands: Stereophile Vol.37 No.7

Joseph Audio’s immaculate Perspective loudspeaker is featured on the July issue’s cover and is treated to an in-depth review from John Atkinson. Revel’s superb Performa F208 tower speaker is also featured this month, along with the Classic reissue of Phase Technology’s best-selling PC-60 bookshelf. Art Dudley tries out the sound of DSD files with Luxman’s DA-06 processor, while radically different, ididosyncratic amplifiers from Miyajima in Japan and LFD in England are put under the aural spotlight.

Michael Lavorgna kicks off his “Audio Streams” column with a listen to Bluesound’s WiFi streaming products; Kal Rubinson tries miniDSP’s latest room-correction processor; July’s “Recording of the Month” is Texas Hurricane, Analogue Productions’ excellent compilation on 3313rpm or 45rpm LP and SACD, of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s studio albums; while Steve Guttenberg kicks off the issue by predicting that the market for physical media—music, movies, books, publications—will shrink to a size you could drown in a bathtub and wondering if the LP will be the last physical medium standing.

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I don't know if you had anything to do with it but since I complained on this site, the last two issues arrived before they hit the newsstands, which is as it should be.

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The postman commeth. I'm just happy he keeps bringing it, whenever it comes. LOve As We See It and missed Mickey this month. But, it is still all good.

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Was just going to comment that I got my issue before you posted it here.

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I will never miss Mickey.