NOLA Vinyl

Another thing, after astonishingly high musicianship around every corner, that New Orleans has is record stores, none better nor better run than Euclid Records in the Bywater neighborhood. The second location of a store based in St Louis, NOLA’s Euclid has an entire first floor of LPs, a performance space for in-store concerts and an upstairs filled with 45s. Stereophile contributing editor John Swenson and I had the good fortune to stumble upon an LP collection the store had purchased and put out in the “new arrivals” section. While he scored a sealed copy of Tony Williams Foreign Intrigue among other gems, I picked up a NM copy of Bobby Charles great 1972 self-titled debut, which despite a recent reissue on Light in the Attic is getting ever harder to find, particularly in that condition. A bit out of the way, Euclid is not overrun with tourists and should be on any vinyl collectors do to list.

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I grew up in Akron Ohio, where circa 1950-51 a young man named Alan Freed became known for playing R&B records he acquired from friends in New Orleans, on WAKR radio. I was too young then to know what was going on, but my older relatives eventually filled in the blanks. The New Orleans influence has quite a reach.