Next Level HiFi & Børreson's new X3 loudspeaker

Børresen has sprung a welcome surprise on audiophiles. Long known for its expensive loudspeakers, Michael Børresen's Danish speaker company has launched the X3 loudspeaker ($11,000/pair). Exhibited by Next Level HiFi, which sells products from Audio Group Denmark, the speaker excelled in a snappy yet pleasing three-dimensional presentation, highlighted by the company's fabled huge soundstage.

The X3 includes a scaled-down version of Børreson's ribbon planar tweeter with a smaller motor system, and a new midrange and bass/midrange driver that include two layers of spread-toe carbon fiber with a 4mm honeycomb separator between them. As explained by Audio Group Denmark Sales Director Frits Dalmose, spread toe-construction proves extra strength in all directions. Dalmose also claims that Børresen's tweeter does not store energy and ascends without breakup to levels higher than can be measured.

Also in the system: Axxess Forté 1 all-in-one ($5500), Ansuz Mainz8 A3 power/ground distributor ($3700), Ansuz PowerSwitch A3 internet switch ($4000), and an Ansuz A2 cable loom.

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Bizarre comes to mind with these high tech type websites for me, all I want is to simply understand about the speakers history it's construction and specs, not to be led through a labyrinth of fade in and fade outs and overlays, just give me simplicity. (nice speakers btw)

Cheers George