Nelson-Reed 8-04/B loudspeaker Review System

Sidebar 1: Review System

Equipment used for my tests included the Ortofon MC-3000 cartridge with its T-3000 stepup transformer, the Well-Tempered Arm on the Sota Star Sapphire turntable, Sony CDP-705ESD, Rotel 965, and Proceed CD players, CD player, a Sony PCM-F1 digital processor and SL-2000 VCR, Pioneer LD-S2 laserdisc player, an Enlightened Audio Design D/A converter, the Threshold FET-10 preamp and line controller, Audio Research SP9 II, and Octave Research, Boulder 500AE, Threshold SA-1, Sonic Frontiers SFS-80, and Audio Research M300 power amplifiers. Audio interconnects were Monster M-1000s, speaker cables were first MIT Music Hose, then AudioQuest Emerald, and the listening room is extensively treated with ASC Tube Traps. Program material consisted of CDs and analog discs from Sheffield, Opus 3, Telarc, and Reference Recordings, and live-performance PCM tapes from a number of sources.—J. Gordon Holt