NAT Symmetrical line preamplifier Specifications

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Description: Tubed line preamplifier. Tube complement: two OA2, two 6X4W, six 6N1P-EV, two 6N2P-EV. Frequency response: 0.07Hz–300kHz, –3dB; 20Hz–20kHz, ±0.01dB. Phase status: non-inverting (0°). Input impedance: >47k ohms single-ended, >94k ohms balanced. Stereo separation: >100dB at 1kHz. Output impedance: <70 ohms, single-ended, <140 ohms balanced. Signal/Noise Ratio: >95dB, A-weighted, ref. 1V RMS output. Maximum voltage gain: 15.5dB (x5.6). THD+N: <0.03% at 1V RMS, 20Hz–20kHz. Power requirements: 110 or 220VAC at 50–60Hz, maximum 100VA.
Dimensions: 18.8" (483mm) W by 6.4" (165mm) H by 17.7" (455mm) D. Weight: 37.4 lbs (17kg) net, 58.3 lbs (26.5kg) shipping.
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: 0906089.
Price: $8000. Approximate number of dealers: 7. Warranty: 1 year, parts & labor.
Manufacturer: NAT Audio, P. FAH 77, 34000 Kragujevac, Svetozara Markovica 99, Serbia. Tel: (381) 34-305-172. Tel./Fax: (381) 34-305-171. Web: US distributor: Musical Sounds, 6 Mayflower Court, Milford, CT 06460. Tel: (203) 877-7776. Fax: (203) 783-0500. Web:

NAT Audio
US distributor: Musical Sounds
6 Mayflower Court
Milford, CT 06460
(203) 877-7776