Naim NAC 62 preamplifier & NAP 140 power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

NAC 62 Preamplifier: Inputs: Three line-level inputs on DIN jacks, one stereo phono input on BNC jacks. Phono input sensitivity and impedance: variable with optional phono boards. Output level and impedance: 0.775V, 47 ohms.
Weight: 8 lbs.
Price: $895 (1991); no longer available (2016).

Hi-Cap Power Supply: Output voltage: 24V DC x 2.
Weight: 20 lbs.
Price: $1195 (1991); no longer available (2016).

NAP 140 Power Amplifier: Power output: 45Wpc continuous into 8 ohms (bandwidth and distortion not specified). Transient power output: 200VA. Voltage gain: 29dB. Input impedance: 22k ohms. Frequency response: –3dB at 5Hz and 40kHz.
Weight: 14 lbs. Price: $1295 (1991); no longer available (2016).

All Three: Dimensions: 8.14" (205mm) W by 3" (76mm) H by 11.8" (300mm) D.
Warranty: Five years.
Approximate number of US Dealers: 25.
Manufacturer: Naim Audio Ltd., Southampton Road, Salisbury SP1 2LN, England. Distributor: Naim Audio North America Inc., Chicago, IL 60614 (1991). Audio Plus Services, 156 Lawrence Paquette Industrial Drive, Champlain, NY 12919 (2016). Tel: (800) 663-9352, (450) 585-0098. Fax: (866) 656-0686. Web:

Naim Audio Ltd.
Audio Plus Services
156 Lawrence Paquette Industrial Drive
Champlain, NY 12919
(800) 663-9352

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These products represent a time for me, where great sound came from small boxes, customer service was stellar and gear that took the guess work out of mixing and matching different components - the synergies were awesome. Plus it kept its value. Great stuff, great era.