Music Hall's Marimba & Ikura

Yes, that's a dub LP from Bob Marley and the Wailers you can see in the Music Hall room at AXPONA. It was being played on the forthcoming Ikura turntable (price still to be decided, probably around $1000), with the new Creek EVO-50A integrated amplifier ($1195) and a pair of Music Hall's budget-priced Marimba speakers ($350/pair). The Marimba was designed by Roy Hall hisself, and is made in China; it will be reviewed by Stephen Mejias in our June issue). At $250/pair, the stands cost almost as much as the speakers!

This was the second room I encountered at AXPONA playing dub. (The other was Benchmark.) The Marimbas acquitted themselves well with this difficult-to-reproduce music, albeit with a bit of doubling evident from the small woofers

Et Quelle's picture

Looks better than the other Music Hall tables, which look formidable