MrSpeakers Mad Dog headphone

Dan Clark’s MrSpeakers Mad Dog headphone ($299) starts as a Fostex T50RP, but adds extremely comfortable lamb-leather ear pads, a leather “comfort strap,” revised 3.5mm and 7mm headphone jacks, and modifications to the headphone cups and driver surfaces.

Clark’s goal was to make a closed-back headphone that would perform well at home and on the go. He says that additional upgrades can be made easily over time, so that customers can “treat each purchase as an investment.”

I listened to Four Tet’s “Rounds” through a Burson Audio headphone amp and was impressed by the detailed, dynamic, and spacious sound. And, while the headphones were rather larger than what I’ve grown accustomed to, they fit very lightly and comfortably on my head.

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I know people who have reviewed this, and since I'm not that well connected, it must mean this Mad Dog mod is getting a lot of attention. From what I've heard the guy behind it has made a lot of friends with good quality work.

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Stephen, I believe you mean to say he swaps out the 3.5mm and 7mm(or 1/4" as most of us Yanks would say) PLUGS, not JACKS.  Plugs get inserted INTO jacks.  Like how men and women work, cool?  It's a personal mistake that drives me nuts, but it's also your business as a writer to get those details correct.



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I know that plugs get inserted into jacks, as well as I know about the birds and the bees, but this is exactly what I was told. I assumed that Clark knew what he was talking about, even if it didn't make perfect sense to me at the time. If anything, I should have asked for clarification, but if you go to the MrSpeakers website, you'll find the same information.

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Yes, I see that now on his own website and it makes me sad.  sad