Money Can Buy You...YG Carmels!

Money may not be able to buy you love, but the money New Jersey's GTT Audio & Video invested in quality equipment helped create a different world of sonic refinement than I encountered in most rooms. Listening to a track from Ben Webster's Ben's Blues, I marveled at the beautiful warmth, natural sound of cymbals and piano, and most of all, at the stunning depiction of Webster's saxophone that left me feeling as though I had dived right into the center of the instrument. What luscious sound!

Next up, an LP transcription on double DSD filled the space in a most uncanny way. Finally, we played my hybrid SACD of the late, great mezzo-soprano, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, singing "Ah! Whither should we fly, or fly with whom... As with rosy steps the Morn advancing" from Handel's Theodora. Although I felt the system put too much emphasis on the middle of singer's voice, the sound was gorgeous and intimate. Most important, the system conveyed Hunt Lieberson's short, subtle trill without smudging even an iota of detail.

Doing the honors were YG Acoustic Carmel loudspeakers ($18,000/pair), Kubala Sosna Research Emotion Cables ($18,000 total), Veloce Audio LS1 battery powered linestage preamplifier ($18,000) and Veloce Audio Saetta monoblock amplifiers ($18,000/pair), and the very recently released Accuphase DP-550 SA-CD player ($17,500). It was a privilege to have the opportunity to enjoy this system.

Ric Flinn's picture

My buddy and I absolutely *loved* everything we heard in this room, so much so that it was difficult to leave. Fantastic all around.