Modwright: Dynamic And Smooth

An extremely healthy looking Dan Wright of Modwright Instruments, Inc. greeted me as I entered the room wired with Dynamic Design cabling. Treated to the CD version of Cantate Domino, the sound of a Scandinavian choir singing "Stille Nacht" (Silent Night) in German was exceptionally smooth and lovely, if a bit gray around the edges. Then again, aren't many of us these days?

Doing the honors were Modwright Instruments' KWI-200 integrated amplifier w/DAC and phono ($6500), LS-100 tube preamplifier ($3500), and tube and power supply modded Oppo BDP-105 universal player ($3500 with all upgrades); Van L Speaker Works Silhouette floor-standing loudspeakers ($3995/pair); and, from Dynamic Design Lotus MK3 XLR interconnect ($1500/1m), Lotus MK3 speaker cables ($1200/6ft pair), Lotus MK3 power cord ($1200/4ft), Sprit MK3 digital power cord ($1200/4ft), and a prototype Opto-Signal AC conditioner ($1800/8 outlets).

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I heard this room as well and was very impressed. 

Great to have the designers present to discuss design, etc. 

Modwright seems to be gaining a lot of momentum and acclaim, I'd love to own their gear.

Given how well regarded the dynamic design cables are and their terrific sound, I'm amazed they haven't gotten more coverage overall. (Slight typo in their name in original post: [Fixed  - Ed]).