The Mod Squad Phono Drive phono preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

Description: Dedicated MC/MM phono preamplifier, with separate line-level amplifier with volume and balance controls. Measured specifications: Frequency response (phono): 5Hz–110kHz, –3dB. Frequency response (line): DC–85kHz, –3dB. Output impedance: 60 ohms at 1kHz (phono direct); 50 ohms (line out). Input impedance: 45k ohms (MM); either 10, 20, 40, 100, 200, 1000, 47k ohms, or user selectable (MC); 11k ohms (line). Phono Sensitivity: 5mV RMS for 775mV output (MM); 0.5mV RMS for 775mV output (MC); 125mV RMS for 775mV output (line). S/N ratio ref. 775mV out (phono MM): 64dB (unweighted), 88dB (A-weighted). S/N ratio ref. 775mV out (phono MC): 41dB (unweighted), 60dB (A-weighted).
Dimensions: 16.5" W by 10.75" D by 2.5" H. Estimated weight: 7 lbs.
Price: $1295 (1989); no longer available (2009). Approximate number of dealers: 115.
Manufacturer: The Mod Squad, Leucadia, CA 92024 (1989); company no longer in existence (2009).

The Mod Squad
No longer in existence