The Mod Squad Line Drive passive preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

Description: passive control unit with five line-level inputs, two tape loops, and two main outputs. Input impedance: 8200 ohms. Output impedance: variable according to volume-control position, reaches a maximum of approximately 2100 ohms not including impedance of selected source. Channel separation: 86dB (20Hz), 83dB (1kHz), 72dB (20kHz).
Dimensions: 16.5" W by 10.75" D by 2.5" H. Estimated weight: 3 lbs.
Price: $400 (1987), $500 (1989), $900 (1989, Deluxe version); no longer available (2009). Approximate number of dealers: 115.
Manufacturer: The Mod Squad, Leucadia, CA 92024 (1989); company no longer in existence (2009).

The Mod Squad
No longer in existence

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Still use my WBT version every day.