Meridian's Déjà Vu

After three years off the market, Meridian has re-introduced its G57 two-channel amplifier ($6000), pictured on the left in the photo. Originally introduced seven years ago, then withdrawn, it was re-introduced due to dealer demand. The G57 outputs 200Wpc, and converts all signals to balanced. The amp boasts dual-mono construction, and, when bridged to mono, outputs 600Wpc into 8 ohms.

Although I basically left headphone amplifiers to Tyll Hertsens, whose CES coverage appears on, I must mention the Meridian Prime headphone amplifier ($2000), because it can also function as a full 2-channel preamplifier. The baby includes a fully asynchronous USB DAC that can handle 24/192, and has a wallwart power supply that can be replaced by the Prime Power Supply ($1295), a separate power supply that can power up to five Meridian devices. Both are pictured on the right in the photo.