Meridian 263 D/A processor & 200 CD transport Review System

Sidebar 1: Review System

I auditioned the 263 and 200 on their own and together. Each was also compared separately to converters and transports I consider to be the best in their price ranges. The $799 Sumo Theorem has proven to be the converter to beat under $1000, and the PS Audio UltraLink and Proceed PDP 3 set the standard a few notches up at the $2000–$2500 price range. For an absolute reference, I compared the 263 to the Mark Levinson No.30 processor. The $2500 Proceed PDT 3 transport, which I raved about in the last issue, was on hand, as was the $8500 Mark Levinson No.31 Reference CD Transport.

Coaxial interconnect was used exclusively in the auditioning—the 263 has only one coaxial input. Digital cables were the Aural Symphonics Digital Standard and TARA Labs Digital Master.

The 263's analog output fed an Audio Research LS2B preamp, which in turn drove a Mark Levinson No.23.5 power amplifier. Loudspeakers were Thiel CS3.6es, connected by an 8' run of AudioQuest Sterling. Interconnects included AudioQuest Lapis and Diamond, and Monster Cable Sigma.—Robert Harley

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... Bob Stuart's engineering expertise?
If so, maybe you'd rather get the player that JGH would have bought:

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Meridian gear has always been over priced and under performing.