McIntosh Magic

Gary Kumpf did a whole lot of talking between selections, but nonetheless I managed to be blown away by the sound of the no-pun-intended McAire ($3000). This one-piece unit, complete with built-in speakers and a downward firing woofer, offered superb stereo imaging as it projected an amazing amount of impressive sound well into the room. Compatible with all existing digital technologies, it seems like a fantastic buy for the price.

Through the Mcintosh MC 275 tube amplifier ($5500), MEN220 Room Correction System ($4500), MCD 301 CD/SACD player ($4500), and XR100 floor-standing loudspeaker ($10,000/pair), "Deep Forest" exhibited the classic McIntosh midrange and, thanks to the room equalizer, totally controlled bass. With the MEN220 taken out of the system, bass was a messy affair. How many of us have had first-hand experiences with one or more of those? Perhaps we all needed to make a date with MEN220.