MBL Noble Line N31 DAC/CD Player

Black shiny products are tough to photograph at shows, so trust me when I say the new N31 is dripping with gorgeousness not reflected in this photo.

Priced at $18k and available this May, the N31 will process both 24/192 PCM and DSD sources (including iPods/iPads/iPhones). MBL's Juergen Reis showed me a screen shot of an iPhone playing a 24/192 file in the the USB 2 input of the N31, using iTunes USB storage feature.

The DAC also sports a proprietary 3-stage jitter reduction design, and MBL's custom Minimum Phase digital filter with emphasis on short post-ringing, and no "annoying" pre-ringing.

K.Reid's picture

Superbly designed and executed. Can't wait to see more products from MBL's Noble line.