MBL Corona

SSI 2013 also marked the Canadian premiere of MBL's Corona monoblock amplifier ($25,000/pair), seen here in white, on black satin.

K.Reid's picture

Just looking at the picture makes one salivate over this new MBL Corona C15 Monoblock Amplifier. Simply stated, it's just gorgeous. The build quality and aesthetic aspects of the amplifier and stunning. I loved the simplicity of the clean look. It's a nice balance of the understated and sophisticated. The white on black satin color scheme speaks of luxury.

Take note that as beautiful as this amplifier is, it's capable of driving not only the Corona line but MBL's Noble and Reference line speakers as well. Big things come in small packages and what a package the amplifier is with 500 watts (4 0hms) on tap.

The C15 will drive any speaker to satisfying levels - including large scale orchestra, power rock and jazz ensemble - all without breaking a sweat. Best of all, one cannot detect any electrical/mechanical signature. This equates to the amp being transparent to the source that audiophiles and music lover's crave. As the subject line to my post states - MBL rocks.