Marvelous Unison Research

Once again, Unison Research scored a 10. Distributed by Colleen Cardas and Marc Phillips of Colleen Cardas Imports, the new Unison Research Triode 25 integrated amplifier ($3495) exhibited beautiful sweetness and marvelous delicacy in a Handel piano recording by Murray Perahia (whom I’m going to hear live on February 20, yippee). The amp is switchable between 22Wpc in triode mode and 45Wpc in pentode, and sounds equally fine in both.

Also responsible for the goodness were the Unison Research Unico CDE CD player and new Opera Loudspeakers Quinta SE loudspeakers ($6995/pair). The speakers are a special edition version of the Quinta, with upgraded drivers and ported enclosure. Note as well: Furutech Speakerflux loudspeaker cable, Lineflux RCA interconnects, Alpha PS-950-18 power cords, and fTP-615 power line conditioner.

kafo's picture

Nice to see some good sounding affordable audio equipment. I am getting kind of sick of all the megabuck amps and loudspeakers.