Mark Levinson No.30 Reference Digital Processor Robert Harley again June 1993

Robert Harley wrote again about the No.30 in June 1993 (Vol.16 No.6):

I'll take this opportunity to write a very brief follow-up to my No.30 review in Vol.15 No.2. After living with a product (off and on) for many months, one's insights into the product increase. This was true of the No.30. My unbridled enthusiasm for it has grown after extended auditioning. Although the No.30's bass presentation was exceeded by the Theta Generation III and Meitner IDAT, it has a unique quality: the ability to resolve musical information without being in any way analytical. This is the No.30's great strength, and what makes it so compelling. I've come to value this quality much more in digital reproduction after living with the No.30. By comparison, other processors sound either analytical or of lower resolution. The No.30 is singular in its ability to provide high resolution without fatigue.—Robert Harley

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