Mark Levinson No.29 power amplifier System

Sidebar 1: System

The reference-system equipment used with both amplifiers included the Rowland Consonance preamp and the Apogee Stage loudspeakers. Program sources were the Oracle Delphi Mk.IV turntable and Oracle 345 tonearm with the Dynavector XX-1L cartridge and the Sony CDP-X77ES CD player. Other equipment used included the Mirage M-3 loudspeakers and (briefly) the Coda Technologies FET Preamplifier 01.

The Rowland Model 1, Threshold SA/12e and Muse 100 amplifiers were pressed into service where needed. Loudspeaker cables were Symo (for the Stages) and AudioQuest Clear (for the M-3s). Interconnects were Cardas Hexlink (preamp to power amp, balanced) and AudioQuest Lapis (CD player or processor to preamp).—Thomas J. Norton

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I was buying Koetsu from Madrigal who also "offered" us the Levinson line. ( we were shopping for a Solid-State Line ).

We were bringing in as many "good" companies as we could arrange including Bryston, Electrocompaniet, Levinson, Threshold and a few others, etc., etc.

We set up a group of local "Audiophiles" willing to be "advisers" on product selections and to be auditioners for evaluations.

No-one was impressed with Levinson based on Sound Quality, the little medical connectors were a total deal killer. I recall the group's summary calling Levinson stuff "ideal for successful Dentists". I have to say that Levinson's Product Brochures were beautiful.

We settled on Electrocompaniet which, I still think, is the best sounding electronics I've ever heard. I much later learned that Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson both shared my estimations.

My Schiit Asgard 2 headphone Amp seems very similar ( $250 New for gods sake ) . Tyll Herstens recommended it!, thank you Tyll.

Tony in Michigan

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I heard Levinson system in '93 firt in Hungary in Our first Hifi and Audio Show in Hotel Platanus, Budapest. It was a different level for me comparing to most of the system over there. After 20 years I bought my Levinson system with JBL speakers. This setup give me a free listening pleasuer in any kind of music, from folk to jazz, from classical to minimal techno, from Alternative to Heavy metal. I belive only few brands able to give you this kind of freedom... Form me ML sound, warm, easy to listen for hours but detailed at the same time...

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I definitely miss the Mark Levinson/Madrigal stuff.