Forgive us for the French but our March issue is about to hit newsstands, tablets, and mailboxes. With Naim's Uniti Nova amplifier and media player on its cover and reviewed inside by Ken Micallef, this issue will provide hours of reading pleasure. It has reviews of speakers ranging from the affordable to the high-priced, from KEF, Monitor Audio, Sonus Faber, Stenheim, and TAD. John Atkinson reviews closed-back headphones from MrSpeakers; Art Dudley reviews Ayre's KX-5 Twenty preamplifier; Michael Fremer auditions moving-coil cartridges from Kuzma and Koetsu; and Jim Austin offers further thoughts on that most controversial of topics, MQA.

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To forgive is against company policy... ;-) "Marchons-nous" isn't strictly correct in French. What is it supposed to mean in English?

By the way, love the cover art shown on the Unitinova screen. Level 42 was a favourite of mine, still enjoy listening to some of their stuff now and then.

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mghcanuck wrote:
"Marchons-nous" isn't strictly correct in French. What is it supposed to mean in English?

When I lived for a while in Paris as an exchange student, we'd say it to mean "Let's go." But it's a Franglaisish pun on the word "March" as this is our March issue. (I know, he who would pun would pick a pocket.)

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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I liked my explanation better

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Surely the french for let's go is...

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... is going on in here."

Man handing money to constable: "Your winnings, sir."


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Would have funnier. Where's Fremer when you need em? lol..

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But it does sound French. And it has the word March in it, seemingly to refer to both the month and the act of marching toward something new. (The French "nous" even sounds a lot like "new".)

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Funny how we would say "march-on" and never knew it was an Englishized conversion of the French term: "Marchons".

However, you, dear sir, inspired the Audiophiliac to deliver a Sunday's Sermon about marching-on into the 21st. Century, using his vast collection of historical Vinyls as a thematic Backdrop.

Hmm, y'all are being noticed and inspiring folks in the process.

two thumbs up !!!

Tony in Michigan

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"Marchons!" means "Let's walk". "Allons!" means "Let's go".

(edited to correct subject line)

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You were saying "Are we walking?"

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It's almost Mardi Gras.

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My copy hasn't come in the mail yet and I'm curious.

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KEF Q350 and Monitor Audio Silver 300.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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Thanks, looking forward!

Satan's Chlydren's picture moniker is nothing sinister, just a 1960's garage band out of Dallas, TX...;-)). "Beware" by the Warlocks, 45rpm, sold for $350,000.00 at auction. The most infamous is still the Keggs from the Detroit area maybe only 17 or so remain of their 45 rpm. Apparently Jack White owns one.

Read your review of the Stenheim Alumine 5 speakers. Interesting that you really liked them with tube amps. They always demonstrate them in the big conference in Germany with, I forget, Soulution or CH Precision and they sounded edgy. I wonder what they would sound like with.....let's go Swiss..... mosfets from Orpheus or tubes from Nagra, most interestingly with either the 300b or 845 amps from them. Again thanks for the review! Always enjoy your take on the state of the Art. [ pun intended]...;-))

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Just finished the latest print edition. Nicely written article on MQA. I thought it did a nice job of identifying many of the open questions from a diversity of perspectives. I look forward to the follow-ups written in the same style.