Manley Laboratories Stingray integrated amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Vacuum-tube integrated amplifier with ultralinear, push-pull output stage. Tube complement, per channel: four EL84s, one 6414, one 12AT7. Line inputs: CD, Video, Tuner, Aux (Record Out, Subwoofer Out available on request). Power output: 50Wpc, optimized for 5 ohm nominal load (15dBW); 25W triode configuration available on request. Damping factor: 10 (equivalent to a source impedance of 0.5 ohms with a 5 ohm load). Bandwidth: 15Hz-40kHz (no limits given). THD at 5W: 0.25%. S/N ratio: 87dB (A-weighted).
Dimensions: 19" W by 6.5" H by 15" D. Shipping weight: 30 lbs.
Serial number of unit reviewed: MST 111.
Price: $2250. Approximate number of dealers: 35. Warranty: 5 years, limited; tubes, 6 months.
Manufacturer: Manley Laboratories, 13880 Magnolia Avenue, Chino, CA 91710. Tel: (909) 627-4256. Fax: (909) 628-2482. Web:

Manley Laboratories
13880 Magnolia Avenue
Chino, CA 91710
(909) 627-4256