Mancave Metal Speakers at Axpona

Greeting Showgoers at the Chicago Axpona was this steampunk-style MP.III speaker from Mancave Metal. With its glowing red LEDs around the tweeter and cut and welded steel construction, the MP.III is unlike any other speaker I've encountered. How did it sound? No idea, as it was on passive display.

Axpona runs today and tomorrow at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Chicago suburb Rosemont (5460 North River Road) near O'Hare Airport.

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I was working around the house and had a bunch of stuff left over from various car repair and home improvement projects (because as everyone knows, cars and houses are always made with extra parts you don't truly need.)

Anyway, after being out in the sun for a long time one day it struck me that I could do the environmentally correct thing as well as provide my garage or basement or backyard or rented-storage shed with some premium tunes merely by bolting it altogether in a bitchin' way.

I still needed some drivers and of course contacted that guy who makes those super-big Legacy speakers with all that stuff inside and he was happy to help!

I don't even need to turn 'em on--me and my buds pop open a few cold ones, just like we do when looking under the hood of each others' cars (as we tell our wives we're "fixing" them).

One the kids has a science project comin' up. When he gets it back from the teacher I'll have what I need for another set --- no two alike, like snowflakes!

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That speaker looks like it was made from spare bicycle parts .  LOL 

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"Laserbeak Eject"


That thing looks like a reject from Transformers.

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John Atkinson my audiophile father JAKAJA Thanks John!!

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