Make it Yourself with Madisound and Meniscus

Responses to my first “Entry Level” column have been wonderful—far more detailed, thoughtful, and encouraging than I could have imagined or hoped. Many of the letters I’ve received tell stories about first experiences with hi-fi, and, within those, many readers fondly recall building their own loudspeakers.

To many of today’s teens and young adults, the thought of building a loudspeaker would be completely foreign and unrealistic, if not plain irrational and silly: Why build a loudspeaker? But, decades ago, doing things yourself, with tools and instructions, was not only the easiest way of accomplishing a goal, but often also the best, cheapest, and most enjoyable and satisfying way—a way of life we’ve sadly forgotten.

Companies like Madisound and the Meniscus Audio Group try to preserve that tradition, offering all the parts and knowledge required to those who are interested in doing things themselves. Here we see an array of Madisound speakers, all built from kits. I spoke with Mark Sayer, speaker guy of Meniscus Audio Group, who has been building his own speakers since he was a child. For him, the experience is more about the process than the product, a way of slowing things down.

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Seeing designers go this route puts a big smile on my face. Some of us old schoolers still like to work with our hands. My Dad would have dug these speakers.

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Didn't go the kit route but went with individual compenents and pre-built cabs.
The great thing with building your own is you are free to upgrade when time/budget permit. Put in better caps, coils, drivers etc.


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You are the only relevant voice from Stereophile...I look forward to you postings. Thank you...

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SM's work is the only one i take seriously, as well as the test measurements at the Stereophile website, and oh yes, i do look at the photos too ;-)