Lumin D2 Streamer/Renderer/DAC

Lumin's popular D1 has been updated to the D2 (black unit on top in photo above) with several new features: internal switch-mode power supply (no more wall wart), dual-mono Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips, reworked board layout, and DSD 128 support. There is also SPDIF out and you can bypass the internal DAC.

Importer Mark Gurvey stressed that Lumin products are designed by commercial engineers, not consumer electronics engineers, and they have created products such as set-top boxes for the satellite industry. "They design Lumin products for full firmware, software and FPGA updating so that features like Tidal, Roon and full MQA are now available automatically at no extra cost. The customer never had to trade in their chassis to get those to work."

The D2 comes in silver and black with a MSRP of $2,300 and is shipping now.

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Has anybody come up with a six box way of insinuating themselves between me and the music?

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I should point out that this streamer eliminates at least one extra needed box: the DAC. And with the built-in power supply, eliminates that box from the previous model.
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If I have my computer with Tidal on it (in it?) and that goes to my Explorer DAC, would this device simply be a thing I would place between my computer and my preamp and it would play music?

I admit I hate computers, but I am trying.

Hope Vegas is treating you well.

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Hell, I have friends there who'd host you!

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This could replace your computer and DAC. You could plug the Lumin directly into your network (to receive Tidal or Spotify and navigate tracks etc) then plug it into your preamp.
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To use a Lumin player, connect the network cable from WiFi router to the Lumin network player, and connect the analog XLR (or RCA) output from Lumin player to your pre-amp or integrated amp.

No computer is necessary, but an ipad is required. You use the free Lumin app to enter Tidal login, browse Tidal.

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I was looking to purchase the D1. The day I was pulling the trigger Lumin replaced the D1 landing page with the D2 page. I got one of the first around. OMG what a great tool. This is not a computer tool this is an audiophile dac/streamer. My purchase was predicated on the ability to decode MQA from Tidal. (Please no argument) My dealer leaned very heavily in support of coupling Roon with my installation. All I can say is WOW!
My hi res music library has never sounded better. Prior to the D2 I was using the DAC in my Marantz 7704 processor accessing my music library. The D2 is orders of magnitude better in every way. Roon too is pretty great, now I can augment personal library with Tidal streamed hi res files compiled as a single playlist. Super!
I can live with this caliber of insinuation all day. More please.

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DCS is close ;-)

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Is this designed to pull from a networked drive, or direct plug?

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Ethernet Network 1000Base-T, USB storage, flash drive, USB hard disk (Single-partition FAT32, NTFS and EXT2/3 only)

Or you can use Tidal and skip the network or USB drives.

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With a library running near 4TB, including a lot of stuff that's not commercially available (some musical exploration trips to Cuba...) my library access is important.

While I'm proud of the quality of the music servers I've built, I'm starting to get tired of maintaining them... dust in vents, power supply issues. Good price point.

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It plays music from your own NAS running MinimServer freeware or other UPnP servers / Lumin L1 / USB storage in NTFS or FAT32 format, or streaming service Tidal (with Master MQA decoding), Qobuz (includes Hi-Res), Spotify Connect or TuneIn.

Lumin is also Roon Ready.