Linn of Oakland

Linn Audio Loudspeakers (not be confused with Linn Products of Scotland) whose headquarters are in an even dicier neighborhood than the East Oakland barrio where I live (and where my husband was robbed at gunpoint just four nights before AXPONA began), knocked a major $20,000 off the price of their Athenaeum speaker system (normally $80,000/pair) for AXPONA goers. Unfortunately, their associated components—Bryston 4BST power amplifier ($4000), Linn Audio SET Tube Amp ($500), Linn Audio active crossover/preamp unit ($6000), Linn Audio cabling, and unidentified CD source—rendered Diana Krall's voice far too bright and ringing on the bi-amped loudspeakers. Compensation came in the form of a wonderful clarity to her piano and an impressively wide soundstage.

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Living as I do in a town of about 300 people half way between Toronto and Montreal, muggings are non-existent - it always amazes me when I hear people talk so matter of factly about it when it happens to them or a loved one! I probably wouldn't leave the house for a year after something like that...

I hope the gun was there for show only and your husband is none the worse for wear...and, from pure selfish self-interest, I'm glad it didn't keep you from covering the show!

PS - when will the ubiquitousness of Diana Krall at audio shows end??

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When will it end could be applied equally to armed robberies and Diana Krall. I have no answer for either. People are breaking down doors in the middle of the day in the beautiful hill neighborhoods of Oakland, and ripping chains off people's necks and robbing them at gunpoint in the flats. It is not fun. But either are some parts of Chicago.

Thank you for your concern, which, I trust, applies equally to those who are robbed at gunpoint in the streets and those who must Krall from room to room at shows.

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I am pictured w/ the Dr.from Linn