LAOC and Evolution AV Present: GoldenEar and Cary Audio

GoldenEar's Aon 2 (right) and Aon 3 (left).

Sunday, April 22, 2-5pm: The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society will hold its monthly meeting at Evolution Audio Video (5341 Derry Avenue #S, Agoura Hills, CA). The event includes presentations from Dave Kakenmaster, Western Region Sales Manager for GoldenEar, as well as Tony Weber, Sales Manager at Cary Audio, as well as a mega-raffle with stupendous prizes.

Part of Kakenmaster’s responsibilities as Western Region Sales Manager for GoldenEar include establishing and maintaining a dealer network in his region, providing sales training for all dealers’ sales staff, and as a self-proclaimed “full-on geek audiophile”, Dave performs all demo system tweaking at shows. Dave is also a tall man.

Kakenmaster will be demonstrating two trapezoidal compact loudspeakers from GoldenEar: the Aon 2 ($798/pair) and Aon 3 ($998/pair). Originally developed for use as near-field monitors in professional mixing applications, the Aon’s incorporate much trickle-down technology for the GoldenEar Triton Twos, including the GoldenEar-designed cast-basket bass/midrange drivers (6" in the Aon 2, 7" in the Aon 3) and also the High Velocity Folded Ribbon high-frequency radiator. Check out Bob Deutsch’s review of the Triton Twos from our February 2012 issue here.

Tony Weber of Cary Audio has had over 40 years of experience in the hi-fi industry. At Cary Audio, Weber is responsible for sales, training, and events for dealers in the western United States and Canada. Weber is also a classically-trained musician and composer with recording experience as well, both in front of and behind the board. He brings his varied musical experiences as stories to pepper his demo.

Weber will be demonstrating both the Cary Audio SLP-03 vacuum tube preamplifier ($2500) as well as the CAD 120S MKII power amplifier ($5500). The SLP-03 runs on four 12AU7 dual triode tubes in a Class A biased ‘zero feedback’ circuit and features both balanced and unbalanced outputs. The CAD 120S MKII power amp is rated at 60 watts per channel in triode mode and 120 watts per channel in ultra linear mode into an 8 ohm speaker load. Listeners can switch from triode to ultra linear mode on the fly by pressing the front panel selector button. Sounds fun! The CAD 120S also boasts frequency range from 17hz to 23khz with less than 1% THD.

The Cary Audio CAD 120S MKII power amplifier is a direct descendant of the original CAD 120.

Also in attendance at this event will be WyWyres, HDTracks, and Eastwind Import. WyWyres will be donating a 1.5m Silver Series USB cable ($429) as a raffle prize. In addition, HDTracks is offering three free album downloads. Eastwind Import will bring a broad range of jazz and classical vinyl LPs, featuring new releases and audiophile reissues from Speakers Corner, Pure Pleasure, Analogue Productions, Impex, and Reference Recordings, as well as hard-to-find LPs from Japan, including records from Venus Records and Marshmallow Records. Finally, Cary Audio will offer an SLP-03 preamplifier as a raffle prize!

Sounds like a jam-packed event for just three hours. One caveat: if you plan on attending, please remember to bring a folding chair for maximum comfort unless you prefer to stand. For more info, e-mail Bob Levi from the LAOC Audio Society at or visit the LAOC website.


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