Kinergetics KCD-55 Ultra D/A Converter Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

The Ultra was auditioned in my usual reference system: Audio Research LS2 line-stage preamplifier, VTL 225W monoblocks, Muse Model 18 active subwoofer, and Hales System Two Signature loudspeakers. The digital source was a Theta Data, driving the Ultra with either the ST-type optical link or a variety of coaxial interconnects (primarily the ST optical, however). Analog interconnects were Straight Wire Maestro, and loudspeaker cable was 3' bi-wired runs of AudioQuest Dragon/Clear. AC power was conditioned by a Tice Power Block and Titan.—Robert Harley

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Why does the photo of this Ultra look like it was clipped from a 1974 Stereo Warehouse ad? Right down to the black and white...even its slimline case....