The Kii Audio Model Three Speaker

GTT's Paul Vataj was demonstrating the Kii Audio Model Three speakers ($13,900/pair), designed by class-D expert Bruno Putzeys. This product is amplifier and DAC intensive. Its small cabinet—the size of a 2-way monitor—is stuffed with 6 drivers (1 tweeter, 1 midrange unit, and 4 woofers, two on the front, two on the back), 6 DACs, and 6 channels of NCore amplification.

The Model Three uses its electronics and spaced pairs of woofers to minimize reflected sound from the speaker's rear radiation in the 250㫀Hz range, in effect giving the speaker a cardioid radiation pattern in this range rather than the usual omnidirectional pattern. In theory, this provides the listener with direct sound and minimal rear-wall reflected sound to remove comb filtering effects.