KEF, Audio Electronics, & Wireworld

While there were many exciting cost-no-object systems on display, the New York Audio Show was also home to refreshingly small and simple systems that nevertheless offered exceptional performance.

KEF’s beautiful LS50 loudspeakers ($1500/pair) were partnered with Audio Electronics’ Constellation tube preamp ($1495), Hercules power amp ($1895), and Lightning DAC ($1295). Wireworld provided the cabling. The music, which came from a laptop, sounded forceful, dynamic, colorful, and present.

If I could have taken home any system from the New York Audio Show, it would have been this one.

volvic's picture

This was the only room we were actually able to sit down and listen and enjoy, someone brought a Coltrane My Favourite Things CD, we  admired these little speakers. Told the Missus it might be time to change the Linn Kan's for these little suckers but then again those little Sony SS's were also tempting, albeit probably at a much higher price level.