Joseph Audio Speakers, Alluxity and Doshi Electronics, Purist Cables

I'm sitting in the Alluxity room next to Joseph Audio's Jeff Joseph and wondering how his new graphene-cone Perspective2 loudspeakers ($14,999/pair) can sound so big and solid and transparent when they're so far apart. I'm looking for the hole in the middle, or at least a fuzzy-creamy center, but I can't find it. All I can "see" are the solid, accurately described voices of singers like Ella and Elvis.

Then, via the Alluxity Pre Two preamp-DAC-streamer, I hear a high-resolution file of some big drums, made from a Crystal Clear Direct to Disc LP. I turn to Jeff and say, "Something's wrong here: This sounds too good to be true." He looks at me funny, so I remind him: "You know as well as I do, too good to be true is never true." He laughs and points to the slogan on a sign to his right: Everything you hear its true.

I asked why the speakers were so far apart, and he said he liked the weight the side-wall re-enforcement added to the image. I told him I did too.

This was my first sound demonstration at High End 2019, and it was a doozy: The soundstage was super-enormous and super-transparent. The bass was invisible until it appeared, and then it was succinct and as big as it needed to be. Tone character was spot-on, and images were precisely drawn.

All this big, beautiful sound was facilitated by a vintage technics SL1500 reel-to-reel recorder with a Doshi Audio tape preamp, with some burnt-orange Alluxity electronics: the above-mentioned Pre Two with relay-based volume-control (€9850) and two Mono One 250W/8-ohm amplifiers (€20,000/pair). All cables were by Purist Audio.

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Love to hear it locally soon!

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Not the same as an in-person review, but John Atkinson has (follow-up) reviewed the Perspective2 for our July issue. Jim Austin, Editor Stereophile
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Cannot wait to read it!

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That's great, Jim. I was hoping he'd do a follow up. I'll be very curious if the Perspective2s iron out some of John's concerns with the original perspectives.

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Hi Jim,

Can you tell me when the July issue will become available?
(I'm a digital subscriber).

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RH, I'm not entirely sure. It's pegged to print availability--but which date? The official newsstand on-sale date is 11 June. The range of dates print subscribers should receive their issues is 6-10 June. Certainly it should be within the next day or two. Sorry I can't be more informative.

Jim Austin, Editor

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Thank you Jim!