Joseph Audio RM7si loudspeaker Associated Equipment (2000)

Sidebar 1: Associated Equipment (2000)

Office System
Digital source: Meridian 500 CD transport, Panasonic A-120 CD/DVD player, Musical Fidelity X-24K 24/96 D/A processor.
Amplification: Yamaha @PET RP-U100 desktop receiver.
Cables: Canare interconnects, AudioQuest CV-4 and Symo loudspeaker cables.
Accessories: Pentium MMX 166MHz with Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe soundcard connected to D/A via 75 ohm S/PDIF link, running Windows 98, WinAmp 2.5, and CoolEdit 2000.

Home system
Digital source: Mark Levinson No.31.5 CD transport and No.30.6 D/A processor, connected with Illuminations Orchid AES/EBU datalink, dCS 972 upsampler, California Audio Labs CL-20 DVD player, same computer and soundcard as in office system.
Analog source: Linn Sondek LP12 with Lingo power supply, Linn Ekos tonearm, Linn Arkiv phono cartridge.
Preamplification: Mark Levinson No.380S, Linn Linto phono preamplifier, Z-Systems rdp-1 digital control center (updated to handle 96kHz sources).
Power amplifiers: Mark Levinson No.33H monoblocks.
Cables: Madrigal CZ Gel-1 balanced interconnects, AudioQuest Sterling and CV-4, Goertz AG3 Divinity and Cardas Cross loudspeaker cables.
Accessories: PS Audio Power Plant 300 at 90Hz (preamps only), Audio Power Industries 116 Mk.II and PE-1 AC line conditioners (not power amps), ASC Tube Traps, RPG Abffusors, 24" Celestion speaker stands with pillars filled with lead shot and coupled to the speakers with dabs of Blu-Tack.—John Atkinson