Joseph Audio RM22si Signature loudspeaker Chip Stern October 2002

Chip Stern wrote about the RM22si Signature Mk.2 in October 2002 (Vol.25 No.10):

I waxed poetic about Joseph Audio's floorstanding RM22si Signature loudspeaker ($2499/pair-$2899/pair) back in November 1998. Jeff Joseph has revisited the RM22si, claiming that the injection-molded metal basket of the new aluminum-cone woofer provides better alignment of critical components and reduces sound reflections, air-flow noises, and cavity resonances. Joseph also says that the application of the Asymmetrical Infinite Slope crossover technology, first explored in Joseph Audio's top-of-the-line Pearl and RM33si models, results in better definition and image focus, improved coherence, and truer timbres.

The improvements in the RM22si Signature Mk.2, while not as dramatic as those I found with the Mk.2 version of the RM7si Signature, were significant. There was better fill between woofer and tweeter, and the overall presentation, while not necessarily brighter, was more brilliant, airy, and articulated. Likewise, I found greater ease and resolution in the midrange. When pushed really hard, the bass had greater coherence and focus; before, I had sometimes experienced a sort of tubby compression effect. Thus, when I tossed on Jim Hendrix's "Room Full of Mirrors" at something approaching Death Star volume levels, Billy Cox's bass wasn't simply plump and sumptuous, but had a palpable snap, crackle, and pop to its attack. Nor was I able to hit the woofer's endstops, as I had with the RM22si's previous iteration—and it wasn't for lack of trying.—Chip Stern

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